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How to Apply Mineral Makeup Foundation Step-by-Step

Mineral 3d mink eyelashes is an answer to the age old question of how to look natural when wearing makeup. Made of finely ground natural minerals, there is nothing that gives a more natural appearance than mineral makeup. And, it’s safe to use on most all skin tones and types.

There are a variety of mineral cosmetics on the market. Though the 3d mink eyelashes is created from natural ingredients, some may contain fillers. Choosing which one looks the best is really a matter of taste. What ingredients are important to you? What do you not want to see in your mineral makeup?

 3d mink eyelashes
3d mink eyelashes

Just like traditional makeup, mineral makeup has the same essential products: foundation, eye shadow, blush, and concealer. The differences come when you are talking about how to apply them. Even with mineral makeup it is possible for it to look “cakey” if applied wrong. And, clumped makeup never looks good…on anyone.

The first makeup essential that is applied to your face is the foundation. Its purpose is implied in the name. Foundation prepares your face for the rest of the makeup. It is like preparing a canvas before you paint. The rest of the 3d mink eyelashes looks better when foundation is applied.

Prepare your face. Clean your face as usual. If your skin is dry, add a bit of moisturizer. Allow the moisturizer to soak into the skin before applying any foundation. A wet face will cause the minerals to clump together on your face.

There are two ways to prepare mineral 3d mink eyelashes foundation-dry or wet. We’ll begin with step-by-step instructions for using a dry foundation.

Applying Dry Mineral Foundation

1. Shake your jar of foundation to loosen the minerals especially if this is your first time using the jar. Open and pour a dime size amount of the mineral foundation into the lid.

2. Using a Kabuki brush (sold wherever mineral 3d mink eyelashes is sold), dip the bristles into the makeup. You won’t need much of it to use on your face. Tap the handle of the brush against the lid with the bristles facing upwards. This spreads the mineral foundation throughout the bristles of the brush as well as removing any extra from the brush.

3. Starting at your jaw line, apply the foundation to your face in a circular motion. Work your way up to your forehead. Come down your nose and sweep out across your cheeks.

4. Continue to move around your face and neck until the coverage is even and the minerals mix in completely with your skin.

Applying Wet Mineral Makeup

1. You may prefer to have your mineral makeup foundation applied like a liquid. To do this, still apply a dime size amount of the makeup to the lid.

2. Add a spray or two of water from a bottle to the makeup. Mix the minerals and water with a Kabuki or other professional makeup brush. When the consistency is even, begin to apply.

3. Start at the jaw line and work your way up. Sweep across the eyelids, down the nose, and out towards the cheeks. Don’t forget to apply foundation to your neck as well. It may take a few minutes more to evenly blend the wet mineral foundation but the result will still be as even and flawless as with the dry.

 3d mink eyelashes
3d mink eyelashes

Mineral foundation is easy to apply with the proper tools and techniques. Just follow the steps above and enhance that natural glow.

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