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Confessions Of A Makeup Artist – How’d She Get Those LONG Lashes?!

We all know boys are smiled upon at birth with long 3d mink Lashes makeup… completely unfair due to the fact that the majority never put mascara on them.

Well here are some secrets for LONG Lovely Lashes…


3d mink Lashes makeup
3d mink Lashes makeup

If you have 3d mink Lashes makeup and they are shorter, a PRIMER works great to boost their thickness and length.

(Try Origins Underwear for Lashes or Maybelline Extreme with mascara & primer on each end)

1. Apply a generous (not clumpy) coat of the white colored primer to your lashes… coat the topside and under side. Until lashes are white (and look very strange)

2. Allow to dry for few minutes. Separating any clumping before fully dry.

3. Once dry, follow with a favorite lengthening mascara.

(Try Covergirl’s 3d mink Lashes makeup Blast! My current favorite!)

* Because the primer coats the wshair, when you apply mascara the lashes are thicker in diameter and slightly longer in length!

You can also try the 3d mink Lashes makeup lengtheners with FIBER flakes.

Be careful not to get into your eye… they irritate.

1. Apply a normal coat of your favorite mascara FIRST.

2. Allow to set for a minute.

3. Follow with the fibers on applicator – but only apply HALFWAY up the lash to end. If you apply at the base you will go nuts with clumping.

4. Wait a minute and apply SECOND coat of mascara.

* Because the fibers grab onto the mascara you can 3d mink Lashes makeup lashes by dragging fibers out to end of lashes.


Love, love, love REVITALASH. If you haven’t tried it yet, RUN to the local beauty supply and buy it!

This product works GREAT – I have seen tons of success stories!

It runs from about $100-$160 a tube but with last 4 months and you should start seeing results within 2-4 weeks. It is crazy!

Apply product on clean skin like eyeliner before bed. Only once a day is needed – if you apply more there is no benefit.

Some people have a slight irritation to starting the 3d mink Lashes makeup, if the reaction is NOT severe try every other night. YOU will LOVE this product!


3d mink Lashes makeup work wonders for the eyes as well. These are mostly for events and can last for a few days. You can find a pro to apply or try it yourself.

STRIP lashes…

These come all ready to go.

3d mink Lashes makeup
3d mink Lashes makeup

1. Take out of box and measure on eye, trim if lash is too long.

2. Take a drop of adhesive and with a toothpick apply a THIN line of adhesive on the band.

3. Wait one minute for glue to start drying.

4. Apply strip at base of lashes gliding and holding down from tearduct to end.
Hold in place for 1 minute until glue dries. Takes a few times to master.

(Best glue is DUO – won’t harm natural lashes, but is made with LATEX)


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