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Lingerie Review – Mimi Holiday Red Polka Dot Set

I’ve compiled a review of this set for your information as a guide for 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False. I’ve always found advice or other peoples opinions to be helpful in choosing lingerie.

Unique Details:
This quaint bra is certainly a must have, it has 100% 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False chiffon cups that are accented with eyelash lace and ribbon straps. The attention to detail on the wings has been carefully considered and the rose centred bows on the straps create a quirky feature.

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False
3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False

Personal Opinion:

I love this bra! It fits well and will suit most shapes and sizes. It is very comfortable but if you are a little ticklish, you may find the bows on the straps cause problems! It creates a great natural shape that is still sexy by giving a hint of cleavage.

This bra is fun, feminine and flirty and will bring out the playful side in you. It is a bra to be worn and to be seen in, and the 100% silk chiffon adds that hint of luxury! It is a perfect bra to be worn in summer and will certainly make you feel like getting up to mischief on those long summer evenings! The bows and ribbons work well with the fabric, and add that special something that every bra needs!

If you are a little less brave the Mimi Holliday black polka dot 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False is a perfect alternative! The sweetheart shape and simple lace detailing is beautifully accented with black bows and offers a bit more coverage, without losing that fun factor!

Comfort: 4/5
Fit: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

By Paul Bowers, I write for Mio Destino and for it’s blog site MioBlog writing articles of interest to their international clients. The company sells internationally, high end, designer lingerie, swimwear, corsets, pyjamas and mens underwear predominantly from 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False and France but also from the US, Canada and other parts of Europe.

You can sign up for a FREE Newsletter and FREE to enter competitions if you visit the lingerie website.

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False
3D Mink Lashes Wholesale False

If you like my articles then why not sign up to my the MioBlog. I also write for a high end designer collection called Di Murini which specialises in mastectomy bras.

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Make-Up Advice and Tools of the Trade

 Mink Eyelashes  make-up bag should contain a few basic essentials regardless of how much make-up is used. To achieve a polished and professional look and to help make-up last longer, it is essential to use the right tools. Even expensive make-up, if not applied properly, will never look perfect. To ensure you look your best each and every time, everyone should have the following basic items in their make-up bag.

 Mink Eyelashes
Mink Eyelashes

A pencil sharpener. The ideal sharpener is a dual one that cannot only sharpen large or small diameter pencils but even catch the shavings. Whether eye or lip pencils it is always important to ensure that they are all sharp, ready to use and in good condition.

Mink Eyelashes curlers, although often looking like instruments of torture, are an invaluable way of helping to Mink Eyelashes lashes and open up the eyes. Heated curlers are also available which are excellent when used with or without mascara.

Eyebrows frame your face and give it definition and balance. Even if eyebrows are professionally shaped in a salon, a good pair of tweezers is essential so you can follow the basic shape yourself at home. Poor quality tweezers can do damage in the long run so always try to invest in a gold-tipped pair.

Cosmetic sponge. Using one of these is an alternative way of applying foundation and the advantage is that it stops too much being used whilst also giving a smoother and more even finish. As with brushes, sponges should be washed every few days in a mild shampoo to ensure they are clean and free from the risk of infection.

Brushes are used for the eyes, Mink Eyelashes , cheeks and lips and they come in many different shapes and sizes. It is very important to select these carefully so you are using the right brush for the right application. For example, if you want a brush to smudge eyeliner then a narrow short-haired one is best. Before applying powder shadow to your lid, ensure any excess powder is shaken off and layer the colour gradually rather than putting it all on at once. A large blusher brush is another must-have to enable blusher to be swept upwards towards the hairline and seamlessly blended. A lip brush usually has fine nylon bristles which enable precise application of lipstick to the contours of the lips giving a perfect definition.

To ensure a long and useful life, all make-up tools including brushes and sponges should be cleaned regularly. This should stop the build-up of stale make-up which can lead to infection. Clean instruments also eases make-up application and helps make-up go further. For synthetic brushes a rinse in soft soap should be sufficient but for brushes with natural bristles a wash once a week with a mild shampoo will be all that’s needed. All brushes should then be rinsed in warm water and left to dry naturally.

If you are still unsure about which tools to use and how to apply your make-up properly to achieve your best look then why not take an individual make-up lesson with an image consultant? This is an informative and fun way to learn the best techniques for make-up application.

 Mink Eyelashes
Mink Eyelashes

Caroline Husbands is a Senior Style Consultant with Mink Eyelashes Me Beautiful. Enjoy a make-up lesson  with an image consultant.

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Valentine’s Day – Top 10 Beauty Tips

No matter what the plans for eyelash packaging Day, every woman wants to look and feel her best. These ten tips are designed to get you ready for the year’s most romantic holiday from head to toe.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging
  • 1. Avoid foods that cause gas and bloating eyelash packaging the day before and the day of Valentine’s Day. Common gassy foods include beans, broccoli and even cheese. Salty foods like chips, French fries and most packaged, processed foods can cause water retention leading to a bloated belly and swollen hands and feet.
  • 2. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure or visit your favorite nail salon the day before. Choose a red or eyelash packaging polish.
  • 3. Exfoliate your face with an exfoliating scrub or mask the night before and apply a good moisturizer. Avoid products with AHAs or high Vitamin C concentrations since they might irritate the new, smooth skin that was exposed during the exfoliation.
  • 4. Prevent under-eye circles or bags by going to bed early the night before eyelash packaging Day.
  • 5. Eat a healthy breakfast. Consider eating an egg and yogurt, but avoid high-fiber cereals or bran muffins that might cause gas or bloating. Eat a light lunch so you won’t feel full or uncomfortable later in the day when it’s date time.
  • 6. Exfoliate your body in the bath or shower. Sea salt scrubs or bath salts are perfect for getting your skin silky smooth. Give your skin a glow with a shimmery body lotion.
  • 7. Cleanse, tone and moisturize before applying makeup. Use very little foundation. Instead, apply a light-colored bronzer or shimmer face powder. Use a gentle touch – you want to create a dewy, glowing look. The shimmer should be just barely visible. Give the cheeks a little extra kick with a pink blush.
  • 8. Create a smoky eye with shadows in grays, browns or purples. Stay away from shadows with a pink undertone or you’ll look like you’ve been crying or are suffering from allergies. Smooth a midtone on the lid, a darker tone in the crease, and a highlight from crease to brow bone. Select a silver, gray or purple eyeliner and work a very thin line into the bottom lashline and a thicker line along the top eyelash packaging. Gently smudge the liner to create the smoky effect. Curl the eyelash packaging and use a lengthening mascara in a dark purple or the blackest black you can find.
  • 9. Since you’ve created a dramatic eyelash packaging effect, don’t play up the lips. Instead, select a shimmery lip gloss with just a hint of pink. This also means less time “fixing” your lips when you’re out to dinner.
eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging
  • 10. Keep your hairstyle loose and flowing to increase the romantic effect you’ve created with your makeup.

You won’t need Cupid to enchant your date if you use these ten simple steps to look and feel romantic on Valentine’s Day.

Amy Jo Garner, aka The Beauty Geek, is an independent consultant with Noevir USA — a 30-year-old luxury anti-aging skincare and cosmetics company. Noevir products combine the best of science and nature to keep your skin healthy and young looking. You can keep up with the latest on Noevir products, skincare, cosmetics and beauty at The Beauty Geek blog.

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There is a First For Everything

mink lashes own bran was engrossed in a mystery novel when she got the invite for the Melbourne Cup. She had lived in Australia only six months and she’d never heard of it. The call was from Brian. They had met a few weeks ago because his younger brother was in the same class as Julia. Brian was nineteen and had graduated Julia’s high school the previous year. He was at that stage of figuring out what he wanted to do next. Right now he was working part-time at a city restaurant. “What is it about?” Julia asked him. “What do you mean? Haven’t you heard about the famous Melbourne horse race day? People in Melbourne take a day off for it!” Brian replied in disdain. “Sorry, I had no idea. And I have never been a race fan anyway. So, thank you, but I’ll pass.” “No, no, you have to come and see for yourself. It’s a must. Haven’t you said that you wanted to learn more about us Aussies?” Brian pressed. “Yes, but… ” “No buts. This is a special event, please come!” “My father wouldn’t agree to this,” she thought but she enquired, “What’s the dress code?” “Oh, you have to wear a hat!” he stated. “Do you mean a funny hat?” the girl enquired. “No, I mean a fashion hat, one that a lady would wear,” Brian said. “They give prizes for the most beautiful one, you know.” “Oh, God,” she thought, “Hats are not my style. And my father wouldn’t like the idea anyway.” “I’ll get one for you, if you want me to,” Brian added. “No, no, I’ll do it myself, but thanks for the offer,” said Julia. “How can I tell my father about this?”


wshair stopped worrying when she hung up. She had a whole week to figure it out til Cup Tuesday. It was just the mink lashes own bran of it, being an emigrant from Romania, which had not allowed horse racing under the communist regime. Even after the communism, horse betting was non-existent, at least not in the open. And the fact that her dad was so strict about her going out with boys would not make things easier. Julia had moved to Australia with her parents. She was eighteen, tall and slender, with intelligent dark eyes. Because of the country move, she had lost one school year, but she wasn’t concerned about that. It was hard enough for her to work on her second language, English, and to make new friends. She didn’t show it to her parents but she had her moments of tears. From Romania to Australia: being an emigrant was difficult for her, especially when her own mother, Maria, was so busy with her own personal and financial worries, and her father, Robert, had only just found a job himself at a drilling equipment spare parts warehouse, and, though the family depended on him, the employment was not yet secure. Julia loved her father and looked up to him. When she was a child, he used to raise her in his arms, and threw her up to touch the ceiling with her little palms, catching her back just before she reached the floor. That was a thrill. It was their game. Once she turned into a teenager though, things changed. She was not his “mink lashes own bran girl” anymore and work became his new love. And then this international move made things even more challenging. Talking to him became complicated. Julia got swamped with homework during the week and completely forgot about Brian’s invite. Time flew. Everyone was busy. Julia’s mother was cooking and looking after the house; her father was either working or sneaking off to the pub with his new work buddies. On Monday Julia talked her mother into allowing her to go to the races with Brian. They agreed not to tell her father about it. He would be at work anyway by the time she came back.

Mother and daughter set off for mink lashes own bran shopping centre to look for a fancy hat. But the prices! Their mink lashes own bran diminished quickly. It was clear that they could not afford one. Her father would never approve the expense. But it was too late to cancel Brian, and Julia didn’t want to disappoint him. Perhaps she should just fail to turn up the next day and claim she had a migraine. Her mother had other ideas. She led Julia into a fabric shop and bought black shiny cloth, threads and a feather. At home they cut the material into the shape of rose petals, sewing carefully. “What’s going on here?” Robert asked them when he arrived home at night. “You are late!” Maria replied in return. “Your dinner is in the oven.” Robert took his work jacket off and wobbled to the kitchen, trying to find a clear path. When Maria and Julia finished the mink lashes own bran, it was almost four in the morning. Finally they stitched the little dark feather in the back. When done, the hat was no bigger than Julia’s palm. It looked elegant, and set off Julia’s dark brown curls. Julia immediately suppressed a big yawn and fell asleep on the couch. By the time her mother had cleaned up the mess, the first rays of the sun had announced the coming of the dawn. Brian was supposed to pick Julia up at ten o’clock and take her to the community centre, ten mink lashes own bran away. At nine sharp, Julia was showering, eyes still encrusted, from lack of sleep. She hadn’t heard her father leaving for work that morning, as she always did. And she still couldn’t believe she was actually going out for mink lashes own bran day, the first time for her, since living in Australia. She looked in the mirror and sobbed. Her eye bags were huge. Oh well, it was not like she was meeting her sweetheart. She didn’t have one. Brian was just a friend as far as she was concerned. But deep down she hoped she would meet somebody hot, soon, even if she could not explain exactly what ‘hot’ meant; she felt she’d know it when she saw it. Her mother knocked at the bathroom door. “Come on darling, while we are still young!” she said. Julia took another glance in the mirror and pulled some faces. “When I have my own place, I will not allow anybody to rush me out like that,” she thought and finished rolling her curly hair. That was when


she glimpsed outside and saw Brian standing at the front gate. “Great, he’s here already,” she exclaimed and hurried herself. “Mum, what if dad finds out about this?”Julia asked, rushing to her room. “Let me worry about that, my darling. Now, get yourself out of here!” her mother replied, preparing to go to the market. Julia’s black and white pleated silky dress embraced her bust and curved down on her young hips. It was a good fit. Now for the hat. The piece de resistance. Julia set it on an angle, on the left. She had seen it in a movie, you place it on your forehead, anchor it with some invisible clips, and you smile seductively from down-up, flipping your eyelashes. She rehearsed for a minute, swivelled on her high heels, to exercise her balance, grabbed her little black satin purse and strutted confidently outside. Brian was having a fag. When he saw Julia, a “Holy shit, you look gorgeous!” slipped his mouth. “Thank you,” said Julia, feeling a bit embarrassed by his remark, but especially by his look. It was the look: when a young man meets a beautiful woman.


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Starting Essentials of Your Makeup Collection – Part 2 – Eye Makeup

 eyelashes packaging magic makeup is one of the most noticeable parts of your makeup, as you can either do something subtle to bring out your eyes or something flashy and over the top. For a great starter set of eye makeup, you’ll want to have enough to make both a daytime work look and a nighttime, going out look.


The first thing to shop for would be eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is great, it comes in just about any color that you can imagine. I have a couple of eyeshadow palettes that have a massive amount of colors on them so I can match night looks to the clothes I’m wearing, such as a blue dress with blue eyeshadow. For starters, grab a couple of flashy colors (or a palette with a bunch of colors) and a few natural hues, such as an eyeshadow that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. Also make sure to pick up a monochromatic spread with gray, black, and white. These will let you do a basic smokey eye look to get started with.

It’s also important to use eyeshadow primer. Primer helps bring out the shine and coloration in your eyelashes packaging magic, as well as keep it stuck on your eyelid. Without primer, it all tends to fall off into a glittery mess after a few hours.

For eyeliner, grab a basic black gel liner. It’s a lot easier to apply them after you have gotten used to them, and they give you greater control when you’re applying. For more daytime-oriented looks, grab a brown liner as well, since it won’t stand out as much.

If you have disastrously thin eyelashes packaging magic like mine, mascara is a must. Just like eyeliner, black stands out more, and brown is more for work type looks. Mascara goes bad in about two or three months, so if you don’t plan to regularly use it, you should buy a cheaper one to cut down on costs.

Now you’re all set with enough eye makeup to get you through almost every situation. Take a bit of time when you get a chance to experiment with various eyelashes packaging magic looks, that’s where a lot of the fun of makeup comes in!


Amy writes for Asian Beauty Blog, a free makeup website that includes makeup tips [] and a makeup forumsection. Join Asian Beauty Blog today for more great tutorials!

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Book Review of Carmindy’s Crazy Busy Beautiful

Carmindy Kathryn eyelash packaging is a renowned American makeup artist. She is based in New York and is best known for her work on TLC’s TV show What Not to Wear. She also lends her talent with top beauty magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle and Cosmopolitan.

Carmindy believes that in order to accentuate a woman’s assets and reveal her natural beauty, one must use the right products in the right places. True to her words, she also practices this principle. Aside from being an excellent makeup artist, she is also a great book writer.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging

wshair In the past few years, she’d written and published two beauty books titled “The 5-Minute Face: The eyelash packaging and Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman” and “Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous.”

And just recently, Carmindy launched her third and latest book, “Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast.” This book features quick, practical and easy beauty tips, which most readers find very intriguing, quite unbelievable but justifiably sensible. These beauty tips are actually given and edited by eyelash packaging herself. And it is the perfect tool to share the things she learned from her work and years of experience in the world of makeup artistry.

Printed on a pocket-sized paperback, Crazy Busy Beautiful can be a today’s busy woman’s constant beauty companion. It is easy to read as the author deliberately wrote it in a conversational and informal manner. Carmindy also made most of her quick wits and good sense of humor. No other makeup artist cum author would suggest to her readers to use eyelash packaging glue as a pore stripper, only Carmindy can do that.

To give you a glimpse of the tons of beauty secrets revealed in this book, here are a few that you might want to try at home:

• To make a quick make-do foundation, mix a little moisturizer with a smear of concealer on the back of your hand. Then apply the instant mixture over your skin using a non-latex sponge or puff.

• Got a zit but got no time to fix it? Try the lemon juice. It works magic and it helps fade age spots, too.

• For a quick firming and tightening facial mask, apply egg white on your face and let it stand to dry for a few minutes. But for best result, you can leave it on overnight.

• Want to have thicker and longer looking eyelash packaging? Apply black mascara while the lashes are still wet. Then dust the first coat with translucent powder before applying the second coat of mascara.

• “Instead of tossing that bright cream blush, mix in a bit of tinted moisturizer to tone it down to a more eyelash packaging shade.”

Intrigued? Grab a copy now. You’ll be surprised to hear yourself uttering “Oh, really?”, “Oh, I don’t believe you!” and “Seriously?!?” The book is not just useful and very handy. It’s also hilarious and quite amusing that by just reading it you’d feel a few days younger!

Now that you know all that information you should visit my website at  to see some of my work and for more free information on makeup and cosmetics.

eyelash packaging
eyelash packaging

Thank you for reading!


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Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is in! It’s time to go out in the sun and hang out with friends, Wholesale False Eyelash in the sand, play some beach ball game, and put on that bikini you bought on sale last month. It’s really the best time to have some fun outside the confinement of your home.

Although it is sunny and hot, girls still want to wear some makeup and highlight their most attractive assets. But there is one problem that always wshair surfaces during this time of year and bugs down Wholesale False Eyelash. That is their makeup doesn’t last long under the glorious heat of the sun.

Wholesale False Eyelash
Wholesale False Eyelash

You can be so sure that sweating will ruin your makeup, thaw your eyeliner or melt the moisturizer and foundation you applied just a few minutes ago. So to solve this Wholesale False Eyelash, here are a few summer natural look tips in donning your makeup.

1. For a start, squeaky cleanse your face then apply Wholesale False Eyelash to hydrate it and to get the pores smaller. Apply face cream with higher level of SPF as this will shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Let it stand for about 10 minutes then rub an ice cube to close up the pores.

2. To prevent unnatural look, do not apply cream Wholesale False Eyelash. Instead use a product with matte finish and apply it very thinly to create a barely there makeup look. Use blush or bronzing powder with small shiny particles on your cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead to achieve a sexy, natural and tan look.

3. Remember in summer, it is not recommended to use dark eye makeup. A waterproof brown-black or brown mascara and eyes powder makeup in shades of warm chocolate, beige or gold will be enough to do the trick. If you want to be Wholesale False Eyelash, try using eye shadows in orange, green, blue, lavender, turquoise, yellow, pink or violet color as these are very popular for 2010 summer season.

4. As for your lips, do not overdo it but instead keep it simple and natural. For a more natural look, use lipstick and lip gloss with long lasting soft neutral stain.

5. Highlight your assets. Keep your cheeks rosy and in the pink. Curl your eyelashes and apply glossy dark shade to make them look longer as well as make your eyes look bigger. And to complete your summer look, have your eyebrows done by a Wholesale False Eyelash. You’ll see, the look will be a stunner.

So go on. Follow these simple practical makeup tips before having a casual sexy stroll around the city!

Now that you know all that information you should visit my website at to see some of my work and for more free information on makeup and cosmetics.

Wholesale False Eyelash
Wholesale False Eyelash

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Tips on Theater Makeup Application

Have you been chosen to do the job of applying makeup for a theater or stage play? This Mink Eyelashes might come in handy for such instances since listed here are some basic tips on theater makeup application. So read on…

1. First of all, you need to completely cleanse the Mink Eyelashes to remove all traces of dirt, excess oils, dead skin cells and street makeup. Wash the face with a gentle soap or facial cleanser then moisturize it to get a fresh and clean canvas. This is done because makeup lasts longer and appears better and more natural when the skin is clean.


2. wshair Identify the facial features and contours of the actor then highlight the areas that stand out. You can do it by Mink Eyelashes makeup colors and through correct application of different shades of foundation.

3. Try to avoid making the face of the actor appear flattened and dull by applying foundation one or two times darker than normal. Remember that stage actors always appear on distance and the audience needs to see their faces as well as their facial Mink Eyelashes. To set the makeup, you can use translucent powder.

4. Powder rouge is a great help in blending so make the most of it. It also comes in handy in making actors look more realistic and not like mannequins.

5. To match up the skin tone of the face to the body parts that need to be exposed such as the neck, arms, shoulders or legs, use body foundation on a damp sponge. This will evenly spread the makeup sans smudges.

6. Remember, in any stage play, the eyes and mouth are the focal point of Mink Eyelashes. Unlike in TV or film, these two have to be exaggerated, emphasized and highlighted as much as possible since actors, again, almost always appear on distance and under constant bright lights and shadow.

7. For more emphasis and proper highlighting, use soft brown instead of black eyeliner in lining the bottom portion of the eye and then blotch it accordingly.

8. You can use false Mink Eyelashes to make the eyes appear bigger and more Mink Eyelashes. Curl the lashes to open up the eye area. Then apply mascara to the curled lashes one coat at a time.

9. Bear in mind to use matching lip liner color to the lipstick shade. Like the Mink Eyelashes, the lips convey emotion, too. Thus, they should be colored darker or brighter than normal in order to draw attention. Use lip brush in applying lipstick. Be careful not to smear other parts such as the teeth or the corner of the mouth. Be precise and controlled.


Now that you know all that information you should visit my website at  to see some of my work and for more free information on makeup and cosmetics.

Thank you for reading!


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Frankenstein Halloween Costumes

Of all cinematic custom eyelash, people’s knowledge of the Frankenstein monster is impressively long-standing. He is actually one of the most identifiable monsters in history. This is why he’s a great choice for Halloween masks. Almost everyone knows him! Frankenstein, that creature with huge, green head and has bolts on the custom eyelash. This costume is truly classic, but cool. The array of Frankenstein costume is wide, from jokey to eerie.

custom eyelash
custom eyelash

wshair Comical variety is made predominantly for kids. For the very reason of keeping their mind away from dark stories of this creature, play it happily, and just enjoy wearing the character.

Frankenstein Costume for Kids

Trick or Treat Season is not the time for kids to be violent. It is the time for them to be in high spirits, to be creative and custom eyelash. There are adorable Frankenstein costumes that are ideal for their age. Be sure to find a great one for your kid. One cool costume comes with green jacket and matching black pants. The hood attached to the jacket has large hole for the face. Similar with Frankenstein, there are bolts in the neck. Under the chin is where the Velcro is. The arms are also green in color and embroidered with bolts and stitches. Both the pants and jacket have green, red and orange patches that mark skulls. The pants have elastic waistband. With elastic that wrap around your child’s shoes placed at the bottom of the shoe covers, kids will not feel uncomfortable because of unsecured shoe covers.

Frankenstein Costume for Adults

You can find ready-made Frankenstein costumes at your local Costume Retail Stores. Shopping online is an option too. If you want a Frankenstein monster, you will need huge and bulky costume. The typical costume includes green jacket with an attached plain black shirt made out of foam. The pair of matching pants have elastic waistband for an easy and comfy fit. This costume is absolutely custom eyelash that even shoe covers have foam. Shoes must be tied around the ankles. Securing over the shoes requires elastic bands. They should be positioned at the bottom. Top off your costume with a headpiece. The headpiece has green latex covering the forehead and with black hair hangs down the sides and back.

Walk around with your arms straight out and make grunting noises to really personify the costume. As long as you enjoy wearing your costume, everything will be fine. You have to feel good about yourself. Costume parties are great escape from reality; it is when imagination and silliness takes over.

Match your costume with a bride if you plan to have a partner. An old wedding dress or any long and lacey white custom eyelash is a perfect costume for your partner. Line the top and bottom of eyes with black eyeliner, and apply long false eyelashes to enhance the effect.

Frankenstein Costume is indeed a traditional choice for many party-goers. With dash of creativity and clever ideas, you can even spin yours to suit your own preference. Just don’t forget the attitude!

custom eyelash
custom eyelash

Rochelle Stenway write almost exclusively about Halloween costumes and fancy dress outfits in general. Learn about the custom eyelash costumes  available this year and why Rochelle thinks the medusa costumes  are going to be huge this Halloween.



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Body Language – A Powerful Tool For Knowing If She is Attracted to You

According to many communications experts and magic mink lashes, body language is the most powerful mode of communication between people. That is because body language is often silent, subtle and done unconsciously. People can lie with the words they speak, but lying is almost impossible when it comes to body language. Unless you are a consummate actor or liar, it is very difficult to fake the involuntary gestures and signals that make up body language.

 magic mink lashes
magic mink lashes

wshair Knowing how to read a woman’s body language will tell you a lot about how she is feeling, particularly how she feels about you. Oh, she may try to cover up how attracted or magic mink lashes she is with you with the use of clever words, but you can always tell the truth of what she feels by reading her body language. Thus, being able to know what every glance and every gesture she makes at you means will help you become more successful in the art of dating and seduction.

You can start your lessons in reading a woman’s body language with these examples.

1. She is trying to attract your attention if:

  • She tosses her head and pushes her hair off her shoulders to show off the line of her neck.
  • She bumps into you, seemingly by accident, and touches you.
  • She rubs her finger along the lip of her glass.

2. She is issuing a challenge at you to come and pursue her if:

  • She runs her fingers through her hair and pushes it magic mink lashes away from her face.
  • Her eyes meet yours in a lingering eye contact.
  • She sits with her legs pressed together without crossing and her hand resting on her thigh.
  • She raises an magic mink lashes while talking to you.
  • She plays with her jewelry while looking at you.

3. She is attracted to you if:

  • She blinks and flutters her magic mink lashes at you more than usual.
  • Her skin becomes reddish from neck upward.
  • Her pupils become dilated as she looks at your face.
  • Her eyes fix on your mouth while you talk and she smiles at every innuendo you magic mink lashes her way.

4. She is interested in you but is being a bit shy around you if:

  • She seems nervous and simply could not keep her hands still.
  • She bites at her lips frequently when you look at her.

5. She is warming up to you if:

  • She flashes a big and relaxed smile at you that displays both her upper and lower teeth.
  • She lets you see her feet, legs and shoulders.

6. She is not interested in you or is annoyed at you if:

  • She folds her arms together across any part of her body. The same applies when she crosses her ankles or knees.

7. She is lying if:

  • She seems uncommonly nervous around you.
  • She refuses to look at you in the eye.
  • She acts defensively.
  • The stories she tells you seem different with every telling, usually with conflicting details.

These are just a few things you need to know about a woman’s body language when you are trying to seduce her and get her to spend time with you. Don’t waste time when it is clear that she is very much magic mink lashes to you. Hold her eye contact until she looks away. Walk up to her, flash her a confident smile, and engage in small talk. Who knows where the two of you will go from there.

For more information about hot seducing women and other seduction tip, please read below:

 magic mink lashes
magic mink lashes

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