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The Advantages Of Using Hissyfit Cosmetics

As a woman you are always searching for that perfect look – the perfect clothes that flatter your figure, the perfect haircut that frames your face and the perfect custom premium 3d real mink to make the most of your features without looking overdone or being caked in heavy foundation. If you are yet to find the perfect make up for your skin then you could try the Hissyfit cosmetics range.

custom premium 3d real mink
custom premium 3d real mink

Designed to be easy to apply and suitable for every skin type, Hissyfit custom premium 3d real mink comes in a range of shades to suit your natural skin colour and tone. The saving face foundation has a dual purpose formula -meaning it not only acts as a foundation but also as a highlight, creating a flawless complexion with added dimension and that is something that none of us would say ‘no’ to!

One of the other major benefits to using this range of foundation is that it also provides protection against the sun, having SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection, so you can wear it with confidence all year round. As we become more aware of the dangers of being exposed to sunlight, having make up and skin care items that can provide protection from the sun’s damaging rays at the same time as making our skin look and feel better is a huge benefit to those of us with little time on our hands or small handbags!

Another skincare marvel from the Hissyfit cosmetics range is the lip service SPF 50+ lip balm. This anti-ageing lip product protects the delicate lip area from UVA and UVB rays using the latest sunscreen technology. Lip service products also contain jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E to help keep your lips soft and nourished all day long. You can choose from various shades to complement your own skin tones, including toffee, plum and guava.

Aside from the hissyfit custom premium 3d real mink range, this inspirational skin care company also produces hand and body moisturisers which replenish moisture, provide sun protection and offer anti-ageing properties all in one.

Whatever your skin care and make up routine, there’s always room for improvement and with the hissyfit cosmetics range you might just get a step closer to that perfect look.

custom premium 3d real mink
custom premium 3d real mink

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