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My Wedding Is Coming Up, and I Look Terrible!

So you have a wedding coming. It is so exciting, picking out the beautiful gown, getting everything planned just right from DJ, to photographers, caterers and floral arrangements. And not to mention the beautiful Wedding invitations to be sent out to customised eyelash box, letting them know of this wonderful lifetime event. Then just as fast as the wonderful ideas come, you bounce back into reality and crash down. You realize there was so much planning and attention going into wedding preparations, that you forgot one more thing – YOU. Panic sets in when you realize how many people are going to see you with blemishes, acne, or uneven skin tone. Suddenly, you don’t feel like a “beautiful” bride anymore. Do you have blotches, dark spots or skin discolorations? If so, it can be embarrassing. What would you say if there was a way to lighten your skin, blotches and blemishes naturally?

 customised eyelash box
customised eyelash box

Without a doubt, the cameras are surely going to show up every ugly detail in the wedding pictures… Imagine putting those in your photo album, and trying to keep smiling as you show the pictures to people later in the years. No matter how you try to have a perfect wedding, somehow inside, you feel devastated. Believe me, we brides of new and old know exactly how you feel.

So, in panic mode, you scrub your face with harmful, abrasives, and as a last-ditch effort, try to cover it all up with foundations and concealers. But again, you are betrayed. Your skin breaks out either from the customised eyelash box, stress or both. As you hug your guests, they are sharing some of your foundation as it rubs off onto their nice clothes. And to make matters worse, from the heat of the lights and some sweat coming out of your pores, your facial makeup begins to crack or get runny, and you have to make numerous trips touching up before the cameras find you. I have seen it happen so many times before, and there is nothing worse than your face “falling” off. Would you rather have a REAL healthy complexion or gobs of costly cosmetics? Come to think of it, how much do you normally spend on all that make up? Do you want to impress others with the REAL you, or a fake you? Will you be spending more time enjoying your wedding, or will you be elsewhere touching up your customised eyelash box ?

Are these terrifying thoughts coming to mind? Do you think you are helpless in the matter and just keep a stiff upper lip because the show must go on? Yes, the show definitely must go on, but you don’t have to be miserable inside on the most important day of your life. The answer and solution is real and in your reach.

If you had the chance to:

• Obtain clear skin in the comfort of your own home
• Use a safe, inexpensive natural method
• Lighten or even whiten your skin
• Avoid embarrassing heavy makeup moments
• Have a radiant, light, even skin tone
• Use common ingredients with outstanding results
• Pose with confidence for the cameras
• Impress yourself, your groom and everyone in the room
• See actual results that are amazing
• Make it a truly enjoyable wonderful lifetime event
• No longer have to rely on customised eyelash box
• Truly BE the Beautiful Bride

Will the REAL bride please step up?

Now, you CAN have fun and enjoy your beautiful wedding and if you want all that goes with it!

This easy, simple method is backed by a 100% Risk Free Guarantee, you get also other FREE books. Relax and enjoy the numerous benefits not just for one day, but for life.

 customised eyelash box
customised eyelash box

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