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Vitamins For Hair Growth That Work Against Your Genetic Makeup

You probably have heard that hair loss is affected by your genetic invisible band mink lashes. It seems like it is nearly impossible to beat hair loss because of your genes. Well you actually can manage to regrow some hair just by getting the right vitamin supplements into your body on a regular basis.

invisible band mink lashes
invisible band mink lashes

There are four common vitamins that will enable you to regrow hair naturally. They are vitamins A, B, C and E. Out of all four I would say that vitamin B is going to be the most important one, but all four play an integral part in stimulating hair invisible band mink lashes.

Vitamin A is so important because it helps your follicles to produce a natural oil in the scalp called sebum. You may think that oils in your scalp are bad, but this is a natural one that helps to distribute nutrients throughout your scalp so that your hair can grow.

A word of caution with vitamin A is to avoid overdosing on it. Taking too much vitamin A will only cause your hair to fall out. Too much of a good thing can be bad for your hair.

Vitamin B is found in foods like egg yolks, cabbage, apricots and potatoes. If you can get a good supply of vitamin B into your diet then you will quickly notice your hair growing back much thicker than it did.

Vitamin C which is found in most fruits and veggies helps strengthen blood vessels in your scalp so that they can carry more blood and nutrients to your roots. You need good blood circulation because this will keep your roots fed the right nutrients and you’ll easily prevent thinning hair.

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invisible band mink lashes
invisible band mink lashes

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