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Cleopatra Costume – Be a Woman of Power and Mystery for Halloween

A Cleopatra costume is not your traditional Halloween outfit. Every year at every Halloween party, it is basically the same parade of characters: vampires and witches and zombies, oh my. There are probably a few naughty night nurses in there and some other characters depending on what movies are hot at the box office. But you don’t want to be another one of the same characters that everyone expects. Instead, you want to be something that will draw attention and let you stand out from the crowd, as you rightfully should. Maybe even something with a bit more sex appeal than you might normally find. If that’s what you want, look lsilk false eyelashs no further than the pages of history.

Of course, the subject of which we’re speaking is Cleopatra. A powerful, beautiful, and mysterious woman, she had it all, and you can, too. Juliet has nothing on this romantic character. Loved and sought after by many, Cleopatra is well known for her beauty. And a lsilk false eyelashs s the powerful Queen of Egypt, all you need is the right Cleopatra costume and a bit of self confidence and you’ll be the center of attention at any party.


customised eyelash box
customised eyelash box

Cleopatra costumes are incredibly unique in that they can cover as much or as little as you want. There are gorgeous sheath dresses and costumes consisting of a halter and skirt with slits up to the hips. In addition, there are a wide variety of colors available – if you’re not comfortable wearing white, you don’t have to! Never mind all the gold jewelry you get to wear: the crown, the arm bands, and some seriously sexy sandal style heels. It’s nothing but glam!

When you dress as this Egyptian queen for Halloween, you’re also takin lsilk false eyelashs g the pain of doing up your hair out of the equation. You’ll need a simple black Cleopatra wig with straight bangs, but you can vary between short or long and wavy or straight. Cleopatra makeup is simple too; just play up your eyes with some heavy black liner around the top and bottom lids, with a bit of a flair out at the outer corner of your eye. Some shimmery eye shadow would be perfect to complete the look. You should keep the rest of your face fairly untouched, since you don’t want to distract from those gorgeous eyes.

With the right Cleopatra Halloween costume and accessories, you’ll have th lsilk false eyelashs e Julius Caesar and Mark Antony wannabees lining up for your attention. Finding a standout Halloween outfit has never been so easy!

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