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Body Language – A Powerful Tool For Knowing If She is Attracted to You

According to many communications experts and magic mink lashes, body language is the most powerful mode of communication between people. That is because body language is often silent, subtle and done unconsciously. People can lie with the words they speak, but lying is almost impossible when it comes to body language. Unless you are a consummate actor or liar, it is very difficult to fake the involuntary gestures and signals that make up body language.

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wshair Knowing how to read a woman’s body language will tell you a lot about how she is feeling, particularly how she feels about you. Oh, she may try to cover up how attracted or magic mink lashes she is with you with the use of clever words, but you can always tell the truth of what she feels by reading her body language. Thus, being able to know what every glance and every gesture she makes at you means will help you become more successful in the art of dating and seduction.

You can start your lessons in reading a woman’s body language with these examples.

1. She is trying to attract your attention if:

  • She tosses her head and pushes her hair off her shoulders to show off the line of her neck.
  • She bumps into you, seemingly by accident, and touches you.
  • She rubs her finger along the lip of her glass.

2. She is issuing a challenge at you to come and pursue her if:

  • She runs her fingers through her hair and pushes it magic mink lashes away from her face.
  • Her eyes meet yours in a lingering eye contact.
  • She sits with her legs pressed together without crossing and her hand resting on her thigh.
  • She raises an magic mink lashes while talking to you.
  • She plays with her jewelry while looking at you.

3. She is attracted to you if:

  • She blinks and flutters her magic mink lashes at you more than usual.
  • Her skin becomes reddish from neck upward.
  • Her pupils become dilated as she looks at your face.
  • Her eyes fix on your mouth while you talk and she smiles at every innuendo you magic mink lashes her way.

4. She is interested in you but is being a bit shy around you if:

  • She seems nervous and simply could not keep her hands still.
  • She bites at her lips frequently when you look at her.

5. She is warming up to you if:

  • She flashes a big and relaxed smile at you that displays both her upper and lower teeth.
  • She lets you see her feet, legs and shoulders.

6. She is not interested in you or is annoyed at you if:

  • She folds her arms together across any part of her body. The same applies when she crosses her ankles or knees.

7. She is lying if:

  • She seems uncommonly nervous around you.
  • She refuses to look at you in the eye.
  • She acts defensively.
  • The stories she tells you seem different with every telling, usually with conflicting details.

These are just a few things you need to know about a woman’s body language when you are trying to seduce her and get her to spend time with you. Don’t waste time when it is clear that she is very much magic mink lashes to you. Hold her eye contact until she looks away. Walk up to her, flash her a confident smile, and engage in small talk. Who knows where the two of you will go from there.

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