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Make-Up Advice and Tools of the Trade

 Mink Eyelashes  make-up bag should contain a few basic essentials regardless of how much make-up is used. To achieve a polished and professional look and to help make-up last longer, it is essential to use the right tools. Even expensive make-up, if not applied properly, will never look perfect. To ensure you look your best each and every time, everyone should have the following basic items in their make-up bag.

 Mink Eyelashes
Mink Eyelashes

A pencil sharpener. The ideal sharpener is a dual one that cannot only sharpen large or small diameter pencils but even catch the shavings. Whether eye or lip pencils it is always important to ensure that they are all sharp, ready to use and in good condition.

Mink Eyelashes curlers, although often looking like instruments of torture, are an invaluable way of helping to Mink Eyelashes lashes and open up the eyes. Heated curlers are also available which are excellent when used with or without mascara.

Eyebrows frame your face and give it definition and balance. Even if eyebrows are professionally shaped in a salon, a good pair of tweezers is essential so you can follow the basic shape yourself at home. Poor quality tweezers can do damage in the long run so always try to invest in a gold-tipped pair.

Cosmetic sponge. Using one of these is an alternative way of applying foundation and the advantage is that it stops too much being used whilst also giving a smoother and more even finish. As with brushes, sponges should be washed every few days in a mild shampoo to ensure they are clean and free from the risk of infection.

Brushes are used for the eyes, Mink Eyelashes , cheeks and lips and they come in many different shapes and sizes. It is very important to select these carefully so you are using the right brush for the right application. For example, if you want a brush to smudge eyeliner then a narrow short-haired one is best. Before applying powder shadow to your lid, ensure any excess powder is shaken off and layer the colour gradually rather than putting it all on at once. A large blusher brush is another must-have to enable blusher to be swept upwards towards the hairline and seamlessly blended. A lip brush usually has fine nylon bristles which enable precise application of lipstick to the contours of the lips giving a perfect definition.

To ensure a long and useful life, all make-up tools including brushes and sponges should be cleaned regularly. This should stop the build-up of stale make-up which can lead to infection. Clean instruments also eases make-up application and helps make-up go further. For synthetic brushes a rinse in soft soap should be sufficient but for brushes with natural bristles a wash once a week with a mild shampoo will be all that’s needed. All brushes should then be rinsed in warm water and left to dry naturally.

If you are still unsure about which tools to use and how to apply your make-up properly to achieve your best look then why not take an individual make-up lesson with an image consultant? This is an informative and fun way to learn the best techniques for make-up application.

 Mink Eyelashes
Mink Eyelashes

Caroline Husbands is a Senior Style Consultant with Mink Eyelashes Me Beautiful. Enjoy a make-up lesson  with an image consultant.

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