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Make-Over in Thirty Minutes

You must be wondering at the way celebrities mink eyelashes strip in parties and other functions. We wonder how much time did it take to do all the make-up – perhaps sitting in front of the mirror the whole day? Gosh, can’t get more tiring, can it?

Well, but that is not the truth. The secret is ‘false fittings.’ It can get so fake, but that’s how it works. Now, what if you have to go for a party immediately after your office hours. In just a few steps you can transform yourself from a mink eyelashes strip girl to a glamorous diva [ in the celeb way]. All this, can be done in less than 30 minutes. Here’s how.

Attractive Locks:

mink eyelashes strip
mink eyelashes strip

If you prefer a thick glossy mane, opt for clip-on hair extensions. Assure that you match the extensions to the color of your hair. Also, make sure that there’s plenty of your own natural hair covering the top of the extensions, to avoid it from being too mink eyelashes strip.

Long Lashes:

You must be amazed at the celebrities long lashes. Well, most of them swear by false lashes. It works this way; first you need to apply the glue on the lashes, wait for a few seconds and then attach the strip very close to your mink eyelashes strip lashes.

Fuller Lips:

These days, lip plumpers are used to bring the fullness to the lips. Lip plumper is a cosmetic product used by those who have thin lips to make it appear fuller. This can be applied before applying your lipstick. A nude lip liner can be used to bring in more emphasis – apply after the lip plumper and before the lipstick.

Prettier Nails:

False nails are the only option for an instant manicure. They are less time consuming than painting your nails. You need to apply the glue and press each nail lightly in line with your cuticle. Allow it to dry for few minutes.

Glowing Skin:

mink eyelashes strip
mink eyelashes strip

If your arms and legs are going to be exposed, apply foundation and some compact powder on the exposed parts. Opt for something that is a shade lighter than your actual skin tone. Make sure that there aren’t uneven patches. Allow it to dry for a few minutes before you can put your party dress.


Yogitha Ramamoorthy is a freelance fashion designer and a fashion writer. She is a regular contributor to various online magazines and newspaper.

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