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Tips on Theater Makeup Application

Have you been chosen to do the job of applying makeup for a theater or stage play? This Mink Eyelashes might come in handy for such instances since listed here are some basic tips on theater makeup application. So read on…

1. First of all, you need to completely cleanse the Mink Eyelashes to remove all traces of dirt, excess oils, dead skin cells and street makeup. Wash the face with a gentle soap or facial cleanser then moisturize it to get a fresh and clean canvas. This is done because makeup lasts longer and appears better and more natural when the skin is clean.


2. wshair Identify the facial features and contours of the actor then highlight the areas that stand out. You can do it by Mink Eyelashes makeup colors and through correct application of different shades of foundation.

3. Try to avoid making the face of the actor appear flattened and dull by applying foundation one or two times darker than normal. Remember that stage actors always appear on distance and the audience needs to see their faces as well as their facial Mink Eyelashes. To set the makeup, you can use translucent powder.

4. Powder rouge is a great help in blending so make the most of it. It also comes in handy in making actors look more realistic and not like mannequins.

5. To match up the skin tone of the face to the body parts that need to be exposed such as the neck, arms, shoulders or legs, use body foundation on a damp sponge. This will evenly spread the makeup sans smudges.

6. Remember, in any stage play, the eyes and mouth are the focal point of Mink Eyelashes. Unlike in TV or film, these two have to be exaggerated, emphasized and highlighted as much as possible since actors, again, almost always appear on distance and under constant bright lights and shadow.

7. For more emphasis and proper highlighting, use soft brown instead of black eyeliner in lining the bottom portion of the eye and then blotch it accordingly.

8. You can use false Mink Eyelashes to make the eyes appear bigger and more Mink Eyelashes. Curl the lashes to open up the eye area. Then apply mascara to the curled lashes one coat at a time.

9. Bear in mind to use matching lip liner color to the lipstick shade. Like the Mink Eyelashes, the lips convey emotion, too. Thus, they should be colored darker or brighter than normal in order to draw attention. Use lip brush in applying lipstick. Be careful not to smear other parts such as the teeth or the corner of the mouth. Be precise and controlled.


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