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Naturally Lashing Out

Society today is one in which we are judged by outer manifestations first, and inner beauty second. In attempting to achieve a “look of perfection”, our generation moves in high-speed toward remedies like cosmetic Mink false eyelashe. The road to attaining this ideal image holds even greater merit in the world of entertainment, in which it has impacted the young and old.

But why put ourselves through the stress and pressure that comes from these expensive methods? Whoever said that “a little can go a long way” hit the mark exactly!

Simplicity is the key to this concept, and the options are wide-ranging, from choosing a light pigmented eye shadow to a nude lip color, to achieve “the natural look”. Further options include the usage of bronzer to achieve an envious and resilient tan year round.

Mink false eyelashe
Mink false eyelashe

But an answer even simpler is wearing eyelashes. Many, upon hearing of this, are bound to say, “What! They look far from natural!” But as I have learned throughout my fourteen years of makeup artistry experience, technique is key – it is not the product per say, but it is all about the application. With Mink false eyelashe, this technique holds great value.

Long eyelashes are considered in many cultures, a sign of femininity. But much observation needs to be given to the overall outcome of the look, as well as the understanding how to fit one’s eyelashes to the occasion. Also important, is the correct way to self-apply false lashes, if professional application is an expense. There are essential steps in determining what the best look is for an occasion.

Number one, decide on the look you are trying to attain. A full set of false lashes adds high drama to evening or stage appearances, but for everyday wear, cuts of fake lashes on the outside corners of eyes create subtle but sophisticated glamour.

Color is an important factor, so it is essential to choose one that will compliment the occasion. In the daytime, go dark brown (light brown or blond if you have pale lashes) for a natural look. As for evening wear, stick to black and enhance lashes with mascara to achieve a look that screams sultry and dramatic!

Also important, is length. Full lashes should follow the natural line of your own lashes. They can be cut down slightly in the case that they feel unnatural, but this must be done mindfully, as cutting them too short may cause you to cut your natural lashes.

Proper application is essential, so make sure that prior to applying Mink false eyel

Mink false eyelashe
Mink false eyelashe

ashe, you are clean and free of makeup or debris to help eliminate infections or irritation. Hold the lashes in-between your pointer finger and thumb, and apply a very thin line of adhesive along the base, letting it sit for thirty seconds. When putting on lashes, use a mirror that is not hand-held. Apply the false lashes above your eyelashes, as close to your lash line as possible, following the natural curve. This applies to individual lashes as well; but must be done with stronger adhesive glue, sold specifically for individual lashes.

Mink false eyelashe are priced from $5 upwards at beauty supply stores like “Sally’s” or drugstores. When professionally applied, the price varies upwards from $10.00 for standard lashes to $25.00 for individual lashes.

As with anything you do, be cognizant! Always remember to remove lashes before bed, using a warm compress or makeup remover, should you have on standard adhesive lashes. If you opt for individual lashes, it is strongly encouraged to have them professionally removed. The solution used to remove the lashes is concentrated and can be damaging to the eyes if applied incorrectly. If pursuing independent removal, be extremely cautious!

Mink false eyelashe have the same effect today that they did when invented in 1916; they are the not so natural remedy for the naturally beautiful look. Whether it is for eveningwear or day, opt for the simple things rather than extreme measures. A little does go a long way, so lash out naturally with your Mink false eyelashe.

Mink false eyelashe
Mink false eyelashe

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