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3 Ways to Create a Vanity Makeup Table

Stylishly beautiful, a vanity table is a very popular piece of furniture in the bedroom. Not only is it stylish, but it is extremely functional as well. While many people go out and purchase a vanity table, you can also create one of your own, and depending on the style of your room you may choose a simple or a more intricate design. Creating a vanity table of your own can also be a lot of fun, and it can be a place for you to let loose your artistic own brand 3d mink Lashes.

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Shabby Chic Style
Since vanity tables are feminine in nature, the shabby chic style is perfect for this application. Shabby chic lends itself to layers of fabric or distressed wood finishes, so depending on the style of your room, you can choose whichever fits the space best. If you are choosing distressed wood, you will want to paint your table in a light, pastel color, with feminine accents. Think of a summer garden for inspiration, and you can build a beautifully feminine place to prepare for the day ahead.

A good vanity table should be comfortable and have enough storage for all of your own brand 3d mink Lashes and hair accessories. There are many great sources for your furniture selections including thrift stores and garage sales. As you are evaluating pieces for your vanity, look at the line of the table rather than the color. You can always paint the table and distress it to fit your shabby chic style, so look for architectural elements in your furniture like spindle legs and ample drawer space as you are selecting your furniture. If you find a vanity with a mirror that is great, but if you find an interesting table you can always add your own mirror. When you are searching for a vanity table, remember that any table that strikes your fancy will work perfectly.

Elegant Style
If you are more of a super star, then you will want to design your table in a Hollywood elegant style. Look for a table that has an art deco aesthetic to it. Shiny surfaces and clean lines with a feeling of simple elegance will work for this look. Hang a mirror that has an interesting geometric design in the frame and flank it with art deco wall sconces to give your vanity table a real Hollywood vibe. Add a stool with clean, geometric lines, and recover the seat cushion in a lush fabric to complete the look of your Hollywood vanity.

Youthful Style
A vanity table is a great addition for a teen’s room. You can fashion it in any style that fits the room. It can be pink with a nod to the princess in your teen, or it may be fun and funky if your teen has a more modern and hip vibe to her room. To create a funky vanity for your teen simply find a sturdy table and paint it a bright color. You can detail it with stencils or even with stickers.

Angela Glancy, is a certified design coach who enjoys decorating with abstract own brand 3d mink Lashes art  for American Artisan Art. She is also a specialist in large wall sculptures

own brand 3d mink Lashes
own brand 3d mink Lashes

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