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Exposing Editorial Fashion Makeup

There’s a lot of work that goes into the hair and packaging eyelash of an editorial fashion event or photoshoot, but first— before we get into the how let’s look into the what. What IS editorial fashion, and why is it important? You’re about to discover the world of editorial fashion makeup like you’ve never seen it before.

 packaging eyelash
packaging eyelash

Editorial fashion packaging eyelash is bold. Oftentimes abstract. And ultimately provocative, as it breaks the rules that we’re often accustomed to. The goal of editorial fashion makeup is never to merely “look cute”, but to display a message through artistic means. If you’re not familiar with editorial fashion makeup, you may have at one point seen a glimpse of it in the works and though, “geez, I would never wear that”. But that statement misses the point. Editorial fashion makeup does not seek to appeal to our norm, but it redefines it by delivering a provocatively artistic message.

Now that you know the what, let’s venture into the why. Let’s say I’m the marketing director of a popular motor company, and for the new release of our new model BrandX, we’re looking to create a campaign that catches the attention of female viewers (because the car is designed with safety features that moms might appreciate). In this instance, as the marketing director, I’ve decided that we should advertise in a popular women’s magazine like Vogue, for instance. I know and understand that my audience is visual (mere text describing the car just won’t do). So, for this particular campaign I choose to use a photo of a woman with her outfit that looks like car parts. That, my friend, is editorial fashion packaging eyelash. It communicates a message through clothes, makeup, hair styling and the like. And due to its abstract nature, it catches the attention of readers like nothing else can.

The hair styling and packaging eyelash for editorial projects is nothing short of an exciting craft that requires skill, attention-to-detail, and sheer genius. Having worked in the hair styling and makeup industry, I have a deep appreciate for artists who can create any look, to convey any message. For anyone looking to have an editorial event styled, it’s important to find the perfect artist who not only catches your vision, but is passionate about the project.

 packaging eyelash
packaging eyelash

Finding the right hair and packaging eyelash article who understands editorial hair and makeup design can be a long and daunting task. That is, unless you know where to look.

LAGLOW has a staff FULL of passionate, experienced, and incredible celebrity hair and packaging eyelash artists. There’s absolutely no look that this team can’t create. To learn more about editorial hair and makeup design, or to book a session visit .

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