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The Dangers of Mainstream Cosmetics

The cosmetics and Premium quality mink fur eyelash industry is a multi-billion dollar one. Consumers, with little to no thought, shell out sometimes hundreds of dollars per month for these products. From mascara to lipstick to blush, the cosmetics and makeup industry is a huge money maker, and everyone knows it.

Premium quality mink fur eyelash
Premium quality mink fur eyelash

Despite this, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has little to no authority over cosmetics or Premium quality mink fur eyelash ; it even admits so on its website, stating the only ingredient it can regulate in cosmetics are the color additives. So, if the United States’ top regulatory agency is unable to oversee what ingredients are used by consumers to get “dolled up,” one must wonder if typical cosmetics are safe, seeing as how some of the common beauty care products used to clean or pretty up one’s self contain chemicals found in products like dynamite, pepper spray and cat litter.

Many of the best known cosmetics products contain table salt. Common items like shampoo and body wash use combinations of surface-active agents that need a missing ingredient (i.e. sodium chloride) to attain a workable viscosity. Pepper spray can be found in some lipsticks, while diatomite, a component in dynamite and cat litter, can be found in deodorants and cuticle creams.

Sold widely to all at retail stores and drug stores across the county, other ingredients of traditional makeup and cosmetics include: mercury (used in mascara, and Minnesota is the only state to have banned the addition of the element in cosmetics), DEA (a common skin irritant, used in many shampoos), plastics (used in hair gels and hairsprays), nitrosamines (a carcinogenic compound that causes cancer in many different animal species) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (found in shampoos and body washes, can cause damage to skin, eyes and the respiratory system).

Many of these ingredients are capable of penetrating the skin and being absorbed into the blood system. The ingredients of pepper spray have been proven to cause reduced breathing’ (obviously) eye irritation and temporary blindness; and skin irritation, while various varieties of diatomite can cause eye and skin irritation.

The question must be asked if these products are safe. Or is this a matter of consumers remaining blissfully ignorant of what is going on their face, risking safety for the rewards of “feeling pretty”? How would the average makeup user react if they knew the Premium quality mink fur eyelash they were putting on their face contained ingredients used in kitty litter or that the eyeliner they’re applying to make their eyes stand out could cause them to burn instead?

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Premium quality mink fur eyelash
Premium quality mink fur eyelash

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