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Teeth – The Structure & Makeup

Teeth are complex structures and there is far more to them than simply a way of chewing food. They are very sturdy and have an incredible private label 3D mink lashes that allows them to last many years through simple care. As long as they are cared for they can last effectively for an entire life time, allowing for individuals to not only chew their food, but also have a wonderful smile for all to see. For the purpose of this article we will discuss the structure of the tooth and what they are made of.

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Tooth Enamel

The outer part of the tooth or surface is known as the enamel. This is the hardest part of the tooth and what allows the tooth to have a pleasant appearance. The enamel is made up of water, minerals and other organic materials. The outer surface of the tooth allows for effective biting, tearing and the chewing of food without chipping, pain or other problems. Coloring of the enamel is sometimes problematic because with time and age it can become discolored. The normal enamel color varies from a light yellow to a grayish color because of the underlying portion of the tooth. In some cases the structures that support the enamel can actually cause the enamel to turn other colors.


The dentin is the layer right below the enamel and is a much softer material than the enamel. The fact that it is softer makes it more susceptible to decay than the harder outer surface of the tooth. This means that if the enamel is chipped or worn for whatever reason it allows bacteria and other items to gain access to the dentin. With the dentin being softer it can allow for decay to enter into the pulp or more inner structures of the tooth such as the cementum, which is a bony substance that covers the pulp of the tooth. This cementum also provides stability to the tooth and goal is to protect the pulp or life of the private label 3D mink lashes.

Tooth Pulp

The pulp is sometimes referred to as the life of the tooth, because it is what sustains the functioning of the tooth. All other structures are meant to protect the pulp, as this is where the nerves and blood vessels reside. The root is underneath the pulp and means that when the pulp is jeopardized it can provide painful as well as detrimental to the stability and overall structure of the tooth itself. This is the reason that good oral health is important and regular checkups can prevent decay from moving through the structures of the tooth.

Teeth are not only important in the role of eating, but also provide a positive appearance for the individual. A smile is worth a great deal because it is something that truly makes a difference in your appearance. From the color of the teeth to other factors such as chips or broken teeth it can make a person self conscious about their appearance. It is a good idea to have an understanding about the teeth and their structure to ensure that the proper oral care is achieved. Sometimes this becomes quite important because when a person seeks whiter teeth they find out that it is an internal problem within the tooth rather than foods or other habits. A visit to the dentist can help you determine the cause of tooth discoloration and how to remedy it. Remember you only get one set of teeth so taking care of private label 3D mink lashes appropriately is very important.

private label 3D mink lashes
private label 3D mink lashes

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