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Benefit Fragrance Has Its Benefits

Benefit is brand popular for its makeup line that has adorable retro-style packaging. They have sassy product names and description for each one of them. You may also want to check out their fragrance line that has slowly been expanding throu wholesale customized packaging gh the years.

Benefit fragrance cost around $32 for a 50ml bottle of eau de toilette. Upon testing, it lasts longer than regular perfume of the same price range. They are also popular for being light and sweet, just right for romantic and feminine image.


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One of the most popular benefit fragrance is the Maybe wholesale customized packaging  Baby. It has a top note of apricot and ginger and subtle notes of peach and white musk. It is simply irresistible making you smell like a baby all over again. To make the scent last longer, you can layering it with their moisturizer version. For holidays, Benefit comes out with limited edition packages like this.

Another popular perfume is the B spot which is compris wholesale customized packaging ed of mango, peony, sandalwood and amber. It is said to be so seductively alluring and thus it is named as such.

They also came up with a trio fragrance called the Crescent Row. They come in three scents namely, Laugh with Me Lee Lee, Something About Sofia, and My Place or Yours Gina. They come in 30 ml colorful printed bottles for $36 each. Their scent ranges  from, woody, to floral and fruity. Surely there is something to match your personality or even your moods.

From the success of this trio, they have expanded into two new scents called Lookin’ to Rock Rita which is a fruity green scent. For a mild fruity scent you can also have Garden of Good and Eva which combines with crispiness of fruity scent and the freshness of floral tones.

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