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Top 5 Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is in! It’s time to go out in the sun and hang out with friends, Wholesale False Eyelash in the sand, play some beach ball game, and put on that bikini you bought on sale last month. It’s really the best time to have some fun outside the confinement of your home.

Although it is sunny and hot, girls still want to wear some makeup and highlight their most attractive assets. But there is one problem that always wshair surfaces during this time of year and bugs down Wholesale False Eyelash. That is their makeup doesn’t last long under the glorious heat of the sun.

Wholesale False Eyelash
Wholesale False Eyelash

You can be so sure that sweating will ruin your makeup, thaw your eyeliner or melt the moisturizer and foundation you applied just a few minutes ago. So to solve this Wholesale False Eyelash, here are a few summer natural look tips in donning your makeup.

1. For a start, squeaky cleanse your face then apply Wholesale False Eyelash to hydrate it and to get the pores smaller. Apply face cream with higher level of SPF as this will shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Let it stand for about 10 minutes then rub an ice cube to close up the pores.

2. To prevent unnatural look, do not apply cream Wholesale False Eyelash. Instead use a product with matte finish and apply it very thinly to create a barely there makeup look. Use blush or bronzing powder with small shiny particles on your cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead to achieve a sexy, natural and tan look.

3. Remember in summer, it is not recommended to use dark eye makeup. A waterproof brown-black or brown mascara and eyes powder makeup in shades of warm chocolate, beige or gold will be enough to do the trick. If you want to be Wholesale False Eyelash, try using eye shadows in orange, green, blue, lavender, turquoise, yellow, pink or violet color as these are very popular for 2010 summer season.

4. As for your lips, do not overdo it but instead keep it simple and natural. For a more natural look, use lipstick and lip gloss with long lasting soft neutral stain.

5. Highlight your assets. Keep your cheeks rosy and in the pink. Curl your eyelashes and apply glossy dark shade to make them look longer as well as make your eyes look bigger. And to complete your summer look, have your eyebrows done by a Wholesale False Eyelash. You’ll see, the look will be a stunner.

So go on. Follow these simple practical makeup tips before having a casual sexy stroll around the city!

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Wholesale False Eyelash
Wholesale False Eyelash

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